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Nip$ales presents: 5tracks podcast #005


Podcast: Téléchargement

Welcome to 5tracks, the music podcast presented by Odiolab. In this X-mass set you will hear five tracks of techno produced and mixed by the independent Swiss artist SickSpud.

X-mass set, indeed: with these new tracks SickSpud wants to remind us of the magic in Christmas time. As to us, at the Odiolab association, we keep in mind memorable snowy nights and this podcast sounds like a tribute to them! These tracks of bumping music will move you for sure. Tracklisting below:

  • TALE OF SPUDY BOY (00:35 – 05:30)
  • MELODRAMA (05:30 – 07:00)
  • EINE SPEZIELLE FRAU (07:00 – 12:30)
  • BAM-BAM (12:30 – 17:45)
  • SALUT, C’EST SPUD (23:30 to 31:12)

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More details about the track listing on Odiolab’s website: